Copenhagen city outline

CPH Cycling guidelines

Copenhagen is a city with dense bicycle trafdic.
During rush hours it is especially important to be aware of other people in the traffic.

Here are a couple of tips for getting around the city by bicycle in a safe and comfortable way.

Rule nr.1


Keep right at all times

Rule nr.1


Raise your hand up high
before you stop

Rule nr.1


Give hand signals to the left or right
before turning

Rule nr.1


Watch over your left shoulder
before overtaking cyclists

Rule nr.1


Always overtake other cyclists on the left

Rule nr.1


Do not ride against the traffic flow or
on sidewalks/pavements,
pedestrian crossings or
pedestrian streets

Rule nr.1


Cycling is not allowed
in parks in central Copenhagen

Rule nr.1


To turn left at an intersection you must
first cross to the opposite right corner
of the intersection where you stop and
wait for the traffic light to change
before continuing

Rule nr.1


A short ring on the bell is often a signal
that a cyclist wants to pass –
so please keep to the right

Rule nr.1


From dusk to dawn,
bicycles must be equipped
with bicycle lights:
front and rear

Cycling map of Copenhagen